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Announces his bid for mayor. 22 months from when that office is up for grabs. Former city engineer pat goodwin has worked in three administration s. Ferrara says that next “we whipped out the screenplay and went to the American people to raise the money. We’ve got mom and pop investors and heavy hitters. We told them we want you to show your support for the American people.” Ferrara gleefully reels off some of the companies he says have supported the project.

The other high point ended the show. The evening was seasoned mostly with a jazz feel, but as a lover of Morrison’s blues side, I was thrilled to hear the intro guitar licks of “Baby Please Don’t Go.” Van gave credit to Big Joe Williams, who penned the song back in the 30’s, and then tore through alternating harmonica licks and vocals with a vengeance. And with a nod to Sonny Boy Williamson, he said, “We’re gonna stay with the blues here,” and went directly into a 10 minute version of his live show staple, “Help Me.”.

Mike’s offers the perfect combination of reasonable pricing, excellent customer service and high quality men’s accessories and attire. The shop has a wide section of neckties and bow ties in styles from sophisticated classics to on trend patterns and colors. Socks, handkerchiefs, pocket squares and suspenders are available, and gentlemen of style know the value of picking up a men’s manicure set as well.

Ceramic at that time was well accepted for use as the material from which to fashion wood burning stoves from. Even up to the twentieth century the use of ceramic was prevalent in the construction of the wood burning stoves even those with an iron firebox. The ceramic stoves were able to absorb large quantities of heat and release that heat over a long period of time..

Late Saturday, the Environmental Protection Agency responded to an earlier news release from Ergon Asphalt Emulsions Inc.In an email to the Caller Times, David Gray, the EPA’s director of the Office of External Affairs promised the agency would investigate the cause of the leak as soon as the drinking water restrictions in Corpus Christi are relieved.He wrote that the city of Corpus Christi, TCEQ and EPA are taking necessary precautions to protect the public’s health and that the first priority was restoring full use of tap water to the entire city.Gray also wrote the agency would take the appropriate action if the investigation determines any state or federal laws were broken. Saturday, Valero released it’s timeline of the events related to the water use ban.Timeline of EventsNov. 23: Valero employees at the Asphalt Terminal administration building noticed rusty brown water at their faucet.

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