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While many places will serve holiday meals on Thursday, the Guthrie Center event stands out not just for its unique location and Arlo connection, but because there will also be live music. A lot of the volunteers at the center are musicians, Laye says. “They’ll bring their own instruments, or we always have lots of instruments here,” he says, pointing to a stack of guitars and other instruments leaned against a wall in the foyer..

In November, a UCLA professor had written an op ed in the LA Times declaring that sexual harassment training is a sham, and that on principle, he was refusing to partake in any such training. He called it “worthless” and “a childish piece of theater, an insult to anyone with a respectable IQ, primarily designed to relieve the university of liability in the case of lawsuits.” i wanted to gag reading his piece. What an idiot.

Met Ellen Mazzoni at an open house she was the seller’s agent. Ellen approached and engaged us in a way that no other agent had in three years of going to open homes in the area. She asked all the right questions to get to know us and it somehow felt genuine.

New precipitation amounts between a tenth and quarter of an inch possible. Thursday night rain and sleet, possibly mixed with freezing rain before 4am, then snow, possibly mixed with sleet. Low around 25. Lavone A. Paire Davis, a catcher for the Daisies in 1945 and then again in 1953, inspired the role of Dottie Hinson, played by Geena Davis, in the film A League of their Own. Dorothy Wiltse Collins, a pitcher for the Daisies who compiled a career 117 76 record and played until she was four months pregnant in the summer of 1948, is also said to have been a partial inspiration for the movie..

Basically an opportunist, as far as I concerned, Walker said on Thursday, Aug. 15. Not like he trying to protect society. Coach Eddie Comeau must be happy that Brodie MacDonald played so well in relief of Mike Poulin. This game went back and forth before three straight goals by Jordan Hall late in the fourth gave Georgia the final lead. As well as Georgia has played this season, its next opponent, the Toronto Rock are nipping at their heels.

Ast month an irresistible notice arrived, courtesy of one Aurelia public relations. Headed a ”Celebrity Attendance Update Release” it gave news of a party which a list of well known names were to attend. There they were, ranged down two pages like a bizarre concrete poem: Tamara Beckwith, Tania Bryer, Valerie Campbell, Mogens Tholstrup, Tara Palmer Tomkinson .

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