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Passchendaele (2008): Set during WWI, this Canadian made war drama was a passionate, personal effort by filmmaker and actor Paul Gross. While it is a fiction set against the backdrop of the real Battle of Passchendaele in 1917, the story was triggered by a family war story that he gleaned in an intimate conversation with his maternal grandfather. Serving with the Canadian Expeditionary Force, Michael Joseph Dunne was a war veteran haunted by a violent act that demonstrates how, even in victory, a man moral compass can be damaged..

It is worthwhile to “do the numbers” before spending on advertising. While many marketing experts talk about the value of a customer concept, those whose business activities centre on promoting the products of affiliate programs should regard this with caution. Instead, determine how many must be sold so that the commission you receive will cover the cost of your advertising..

I wear a lot of men wear. I love the looseness of it. And I think it sexy. But on this cold April morning, they had a precious moment of distraction. The company is offering to send those users trial kits that come with Glass units in four different color options along with the device’s various frame styles. “We’ve heard from potential Explorers that they’d love to be able to try Glass on at home before committing to purchase it,” a Google spokeswoman said in a statement.Has anyone seen my Google glasses?February 21, 2013 By Paul WhitefieldDear Google Guys: I am writing to you because I would very much like to be a Google “Glass Explorer.” I read about your latest venture, Google Glass, on Wednesday on the Internet and, well, I was so excited that I’m rushing to send in my application.

Too Late. Embassy in OttawaNew NoteworthyNEWS SUMMARYN. Jennings, Executive, 64ROWING; Penn Oarsmen Top Yale To Take Blackwell CupRUNWAYS; If Purses Could Talk . I had the opportunity to visit the Pendleton mill in Washougal, Wash., on Thursday and got the grand tour from Charlie Bishop (he and company president Mort Bishop III are cousins). The mill has been open since 1910 and producing wool shirts since 1924, using the same Umatilla wool, with the same size yarn, made from the same sheep from Cunningham Ranch and other local farms. That quite something..

Junior David Dickson had a school record 48 assists from midfield, and sophomore Thomas Flibotte added 29 goals as a middie. On attack, sophomore Sean Doyle (27G, 15A) was the conference rookie of the year. Bucknell defense is always solid, though a new starting goalie will be in place.

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